P.O. Box 142951, Fayetteville, GA 30214

Fayette Democratic Women are Political

When people ask what Fayette Democratic Women is about, please tell them–we are a political organization. That means we are about empowerment. We are about reminding each other of our power within our homes, our county, our state, and our nation. Then we’re about using our power to work together to make lives better, for Georgians, for the country. We believe in Democratic values of inclusiveness, fairness, and equal rights for all, and we strive to live by those values in our lives and in our organization. We understand the stakes, that the promise of democracy has been and continues to be grave danger. We know that our nation’s future hangs in the balance. And we are ready to act.

We know about the necessity of safe space. We want a space to educate ourselves, advocate for important issues, network within the community, and support candidates around common goals. We know that women are needed at the table, in leadership, and we want to help bring them there. We are about mentoring, reaching out, fundraising and educating women so that they can imagine themselves triumphant, step up to the plate and meet the day, even in the face of steep challenges.

Let us know if you’ve been looking for this kind of space of like-minded individuals in your community. Join us at our next meeting, and please, bring your friends!