About Us


In 2004, a small group of Fayette County women decided to hold a rally in the county for the Democratic candidate, John Kerry. Since that time, this small group has evolved and expanded into a strong, dynamic force of over 100 women that supports and strengthens all facets of the Democratic party and women’s participation in it.


FDW is an organization that empowers progressive Democratic women to be leaders and decision-makers in their county and beyond.

(Click Image to Enlarge) – FDW Installs New Officers for 2020-2022 Term. During its November 16, 2019 general membership meeting, the FDW held its election for the 2020-2022 term for: President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer and Assistant Secretary. The following members were elected for a second term: Pearline Greene (pictured 2nd from left), President; Carolyn Edwards (pictured on right), Treasurer; and Heidi Danis (not pictured), Assistant Secretary. Naeemah Gentry (pictured 3rd from left) was newly elected as 2nd Vice President. Susan Samson (pictured on left), 1st Vice President officiated at the installation ceremony. Congratulations to these outstanding leaders.
(Click Image to Enlarge) – FDW Leaders-2019: Seated L-R: Pearline Greene, FDW President; Karen Rands, Ch, Fundraising; Sara Cookson, Secretary; Dawn Oparah, Ch, Programs & Activities.
Standing. L-R: Larris Marks, Co-Ch, Marketing; Sheryl Corke, Ch, Political Action; Marcia Dunscomb, Co-Ch, Marketing; Barbara White, Ch, History/Archives; Adrienne Johnson, Co-Chair, Membership; Enid Pigors, Second Vice President
(Click Image to Enlarge) – L-R: Secretary, Sara Cookson; Treasurer, Carolyn Edwards; Assistant Treasurer, Beverly Thomas; President, Pearline Greene
Not pictured: Assistant Secretary, Heidi Danis; Ch, Bylaws, Anne Hertzog; Ch, GFDW, Tish Naghise; Ch, Elections, Voting and Appointments, Derryll Anderson; First Vice President, Susan Samson.

Our MISSION is to achieve our vision in the following ways:

  • Engage the public in the political process by registering, mobilizing, and enabling voters to get to the polls and vote in every election.
  • Empower women by recruiting, training, and supporting Democratic women to run for office and to serve in appointive positions.
  • Educate women about issues and events that have an impact on women, families, and communities.
  • Foster loyalty to the Democratic Party to promote its principles and candidates in all elections, including non-partisan elections.
  • Support the objectives and policies of the National Federation of Democratic Women, Georgia Federation of Democratic Women, and the Fayette County Democratic Committee.


How to Make a Difference with Us

  • Become a member
  • Join a committee
  • Participate in voter registration and education
  • Participate in training about political issues and advocacy
  • Be a part of political discussion forums
  • Attend lobbying opportunities at local and state levels
  • Advocate for Democratic causes and help elect Democratic candidates
  • Donate to support Democrats

FDW Executive Board

Provides FDW with strategic direction and organizational oversight so that the organization’s vision, mission, and goals are implemented.  The board is comprised of the FDW Officers and Standing Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs.

Executive Board

Elected Officers:

Pearline Booth Greene

1st Vice President
Susan Samson

2nd Vice President
Naeemah Gentry

Sara Cookson

Assistant Secretary
Heidi Danis

Carolyn Edwards

Assistant Treasurer
Beverly Thomas

Standing Committees:

Programs and Activities Committee
Dawn Oparah & LaChanze Roberts

Fundraising Committee
Sherry Reed & Connie James

Marketing Committee
Karen Rands & Oyin Mitchell

Elections, Voting, and Appointments Committee
Derryll Anderson

Bylaws Committee
Anne Hertzog

Political Action Committee
Sheryl Corke

Ad Hoc Committees:

History & Archives
Joanne Jackson

GA Federation of Democratic Women
Sheryl Corke & Tish Naghise



Recruits new members to the organization and maintains a database of all current members

Programs and Activities

Plans engaging programming for the monthly meetings, including securing dynamic speakers


Plans, organizes, and executes fundraising events which allow the organization to make contributions to candidates and local charities


Keeps the organization in compliance with local, state and national Democratic policies and procedures.


Connects the organization to the community via media and social media, maintains the website and communicates the organizations’ events to the members in a weekly e-blast.

Elections, Voting, and Appointments

Leads voter education and registration efforts, recruits candidates for local positions, staffs polls during elections

Political Action

Works diligently to identify issues impacting women, children, and families. Provides information to members on the proposed and current state and national legislation, performs all facets of candidate support, monitors local government, lobbies legislators, protests issues.


We were recognized by the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women as the Outstanding Chapter of the Year in 2015

Provided approximately $10,000 in financial support to Democratic candidates in Georgia in the 2018 election cycle.

Our 2018 annual fundraising luncheon raised almost $20,000 to support candidates and local charities

In conjunction with the Fayette County Democratic Committee, FDW delivered over 24,000 votes for Stacey Abrams for Governor, turning Fayette County from a red to a solidly purple county.

FDW’s ROAR project (Read On & Rise), a literacy project promoting reading through the donation of children’s books is a huge community success. FDW provided books to children at the Fayetteville Back to School Expo as well as to the Promise Place nonprofit. In December 2018, FDW distributed over seventy books to children being supported by the Grandparents and Kin Raising Children organization.

We have provided service to local organizations including the Midwest Food Bank, Promise Place, Real Life Center, Grandparents and Kin Raising Children, Fayette Samaritans, and Discovering Soldiers Potential/Waypoint.