2018 Campaign & Election Efforts

During 2018, the FDW worked tirelessly in support of all democratic candidates.  Most notably: Senator Valencia Seay (District 34); Representative Debra Bazemore (District 63); Representative Derrick Jackson (District 64); Charles Rousseau, Fayette County Commissioner; & Leonard Presberg, Fayette County School Board member.  Because of the FDW’s fundraising success we awarded more $10,000 to Democratic candidates in the 2018 election.   Additionally, many hours were spent phone banking, canvassing, letter writing & lobbying.  Our Political Action Committee initiated lobbying training sessions & LEGISCAN 101 — how to lobby from home.  A contingent of FDW members lobbied the Georgia Legislature on several key issues.

Voter Registration:  In 2018, the FDW registered 606 new voters as well as trained & certified 58 Deputy Registrars. Voter registration events were held at all four Fayette County high schools & several venues throughout the county.

2018 “Blue Wave”: The wave was apparent up & down the Midterm ballot in Fayette County.  The county experienced a 61.4% increase in the Democratic votes cast in 2018 (24,796 or 43.2%) as compared to 2014 (15,360 or 36%).  This resulted in Fayette County, a traditional Republican stronghold, turning “Purple” for the first time in its history! This success is due, in large part, to the FDW ‘s aggressive support of “Ladies Night”, a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) weekly event dedicated to making telephone calls & handwriting post cards to Fayette County voters.  Additionally, as part of our strong support of GOTV, several FDW members went as a group to vote on the first day of early voting.


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