FDW Persisted – Silent Protest during Gov Kemp’s Visit to Fayette County

Governor Kemp and attendees to the Chamber of Commerce Breakfast meeting on Friday, Apr 19, 2019, were met with blustery winds and rain and six protesters. These local women were protesting HB 481, the so-called “heartbeat” bill with signs saying “MY: Body, Choice, State, Voice”; “Stop the War on Women” and “A Heart Beat from Insanity.” Other signs highlighted the proposed weakening of the HOPE Scholarship Program by proposed curtailments on how those funds impact dual enrollment in HB 444. Governor Kemp’s recent move to purchase more voting machines (HB 316), despite expert witness testimony that paper ballots would be safer and less costly, was another target of the protesters. The quintessential sentiment of the protestors was summed up by one sign which read “KEMP: Fayette Co. does NOT Share your Hateful Values.” The protesters were met with a variety of stares, horn honks, and one disparaging catcall.


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