February Monthly Meeting Recap – Secure the Vote

February Monthly Meeting Recap – Secure the Vote

Fayette Democratic Women executed on part of their 2020 plan and pledge to engage our community to ensure that as we ‘get out the vote’ every vote will count.  With the introduction of new voting systems, we knew that we had a responsibility to extend the reach of the county’s efforts to educate the voting population on how to use these new machines.   Although the initial interface is similar, the process is more complex and can be intimidating.   Over 100 people attended.  Board of Elections Commissioner Darryl Hicks, and the representative from Secure the Vote stayed late to make sure everyone’s questions were answered and anyone who wanted to try out the new system could.


We live streamed the entire presentation and demonstration on facebook with over 700 additional viewers:  https://www.facebook.com/FayetteDemocraticWomen/videos/2643787212371554/


Following the demonstration, Saira Draper, of the Democratic Party of Georgia conducted Poll Watcher Training.
Also in attendance to show their support:  GA Rep Derrick Jackson, Board of Elections Rep Leonard Presberg, and County Commissioner Charles Rousseau


From “Darryl Hicks”
“ I was honored to do it. I was impressed with the engagement of the group. Great job on getting the folks there. The women are leading the way as usual.” #SECURETHEVOTE2020


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