Fayette County has the highest Census results at 68%

According to the Census 2020 website for census response rates, as of May 2, 2020, Fayette County still has the highest return rate of any county in the state of Georgia. The county has a total return rate of 68.4 percent with an internet return rate of 64 percent. The Census Bureau sent the census notices out to each household in the middle of March.
City rankings:

* Tyrone 73.0%
* Peachtree City 69.8%
* Fayetteville 64.6%

It’s not too late! Complete the Census Today!

Future phone bank training on how to call non-responders, will be established in the coming weeks. Your help is needed to exceed our county’s 81% overall rate and North Fayette’s 79% rate.

For more information, contact:
Tish Naghise, Lead County Organizer – Region 2
404.643.2235 tish@faircount.org


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